Spiritual Immersion is a process of revealing the ever deeper and richer layers of our spirit-selves. This Spirit-Self resides within our human form and can only be fully known through direct, personal experience. Only through this direct experience can you explore, experiment and discover your truth and live that truth.

Through these Podcasts we will gently immerse ourselves in the layers, the processes and the transformative experience of discovering our human-spirit. We cultivate a dynamic and awe-inspiring relationship with our selves. How great is that!

What's Really Happening When Nothing Seems to Be Happening

What else can be happening when nothing seems to be happening? Perhaps we are expanding our capacity for patience, tolerance, and our ability to surrender control and righteousness. Perhaps we are learning to be with "what is" with Patience - no waiting, just being. Perhaps we are building reliance. Perhaps we are discovering what it is like to live outside the paradigm of control, right and wrong, productivity and stress. Perhaps we've arrived at a level where nothing matters, and what if it did?

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